Fees & Payments

At CAYA DS, we believe in transparency when it comes to fees and payments.

CAYA DS is a Private Clinic

CAYA DS is a private clinic, meaning that families are expected to cover the additional fees, after the medicare rebate.

Fee Structure

We understand the importance of clear and straightforward fee structure. Our fee structure is designed to make quality paediatric care accessible to all families, whilst also acknowledging the care and time that our dedicated practitioners put into nurturing your child.
  • Consultation Fees: ur fees for consultations are determined based on the type and duration of the appointment. Fees charged are in line with AMA recommended rates for specialist consultations. Please feel free to inquire about specific fees associated with your child’s appointment.
  • Additional Services: As the additional services offered by CAYA DS take away from the time that practitioners are able to spend in clinic with patients, there is an expectation that practitioners will be reimbursed for their expert services.
Services that will incur an additional charge include:
Extra letters for school
Forms to be completed
Phone follow up
Review appointments for medication
Documents, letters, & forms outside of face to face consultation will also generate fees

At CAYA DS we want you to feel confident in understanding the financial aspects of your child’s care, feel free to contact us for clarification.

Fee Structure for Non-Consultation Services

We appreciate your trust in CAYA DS for your child’s developmental paediatric care. In order to maintain the quality of our services and ensure the best care for your child, we would like to inform you about our practice policy regarding the fees associated with certain non-consultation services.

Overview of Non-Consultation Services

Our services extend beyond face-to-face or telehealth consultations and may include:


  • Prescriptions outside of booked consultations will incur a separate fee.
  • Prescriptions are issued only with the understanding that a subsequent consultation will be scheduled for a comprehensive review.

Documents (other than consultation letters):

  • Completion of various documents, such as those for schools, NDIS, , etc., will be subject to a fee

Phone Calls:

  • Formally arranged clinically significant phone calls will be documented in the child’s records.
  • Quick calls generally will not be charged.

Service Fee

Fee When non-consultation services are provided, a separate fee is likely to apply. For detailed information, please contact our administration staff.

Payment Process

If non-consultation clinical services are rendered, we request payment through Tyro, our preferred payment method. Payment must be made on the same day, or in person if you choose to collect items at our office.

Clarifications and Discussions

If you have any questions or concerns about our fee structure or services, please do not hesitate to discuss them with your doctor. We are committed to providing transparency and ensuring the best care for your child’s developmental needs.

Specific Policies for Different Services


  • Prescriptions are typically provided during consultations to ensure regular progress reviews.
  • Re-prescriptions outside of consultations require a booked appointment and will be provided for a limited duration until the scheduled consultation.

    Forms and Documents:

    • Simple document completion incurs a fee, which will be communicated to you before processing.
    • Complex or information-intensive documents necessitate a clinical consultation for accuracy.

    Phone Calls:

    • Clinically significant phone calls are generally pre-arranged and documented.
    • Quick calls that do not involve significant clinical time are usually not charged.