Empowering Families with Information and Support

Information for Parents
We believe that well-informed parents are essential partners in nurturing a child’s potential. Here are resources to help you prepare for appointments and understand our clinic’s policies:

Appointment Preparation
In order for you and your child to get the most out of an appointment at CAYA DS we ask that you do the following before your appointment with us.

Please be sure to bring any documentation that you believe may help the practitioners develop a more rounded understanding of your child and their health.

This could include:
– Recent report cards
– Notes from a school counsellor
– Prescriptions the child may be on

At CAYA DS, we are dedicated to providing expert care for children facing developmental challenges. Our developmental paediatrician specialises in diagnosing and addressing a wide range of developmental difficulties, including:

Medicare Claiming

To access medicare rebates, families must ensure their bank account is linked to Medicare. It is the responsibility of the patient to organise all processes and documentation for the rebate.


We want to take this opportunity to highlight some of the strengths that our wonderful patients have. At CAYA DS we believe in encouraging our patient’s strengths and using those skills for areas where they are struggling.

Feedback & Complaints

We value your feedback and are eager to address any concerns you may have. Please reach out to the practice manager via email and we will get back to you to ensure all concerns are addressed.

We are committed to delivering exceptional paediatric and adolescent care and ensuring that our policies promote fairness, transparency, and quality in our services. Thank you for entrusting your child’s care to CAYA DS.