Our Services

Nurturing Your Child’s Potential

At CAYA DS, we are dedicated to providing expert care for children facing developmental challenges. Our developmental paediatrician specialises in diagnosing and addressing a wide range of developmental difficulties, including:

  • Speech and Language Disorders: Helping children overcome communication barriers.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Supporting the development of fine motor skills crucial for daily activities.
  • Gross Motor Skills: Enhancing gross motor skills for physical confidence and competence.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Assessment and ongoing management of children on the autism spectrum.
  • ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder): Comprehensive ADHD management.
  • Learning Difficulties: Identifying and addressing various learning challenges.
  • Mood Issues: Expert guidance on emotional well-being.

When to Seek Developmental Paediatrics:

Is your child experiencing any of the following?

  • Communication difficulties
  • Dysgraphia
  • Difficulties in learning
  • Dyscalculia
  • Lacking in general problem-solving ability
  • Difficulty with adaptive skills
  • Difficulty with fine motor skills
  • Emotional regulation challenges
  • Difficulty with gross motor skills
  • Challenging behaviours
  • Difficulty with personal social skills
  • Anxiety
  • Autism
  • Sensory difficulties
  • ADHD
  • Constipation
  • Dyslexia
  • Bed wetting
  • Dysgraphia

If so, it’s time to consult with our developmental paediatrician. We’re here to provide the guidance and support your child needs.

Adolescent Care

Adolescence and young adulthood can present unique challenges. Our clinic specialises in adolescent care, providing holistic care for individuals up to the age of 24. Our services include:

  • Difficulties with Social Engagement: Expert support for improved social interactions.
  • Difficulties within the School Community: Addressing academic and social challenges.
  • Learning Challenges: Guidance for effective learning strategies.
  • Difficulties with Gender Identity: Safe and empathetic care for gender-related concerns.
  • ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder): Comprehensive ADHD management.
  • Substance Use Problems.
  • Chronic Health Conditions: Management and support for chronic health issues.

When to Seek Adolescent Medicine

Difficulties with social engagement

Difficulties within the school community
Learning difficulties
Disordered eating
Substance use problems
Chronic Health Conditions

Group Programs

Explore our group programs designed to foster growth and development:
  • Social Skills Club: Building social interactions and communication skills.
  • Lego: Creative play and problem-solving through Lego building.
  • Trivia: Engaging trivia activities to help with social interaction and social communication..
  • Debating: Developing critical thinking and communication skills while improving social interaction.
  • Art club: Exploring creativity and self-expression. Film club: Social interaction, social communication and decreasing social anxiety..
  • E-games: Social interaction.
  • Book club: Discussing your favourite book, author, characters (help with social and communication skills)
  • Transition to high school-understanding and thriving in the unique challenges provided by high school
  • Transition to university-navigating the complexity of university

Educational Programs

1 or more information session for parents and families to empower them with tools to help their kids
  • Lifestyle modification for healthy weight
  • Screen addiction-understanding and managing
  • IT help for parents to manage screen addiction and safe social media usage
  • Psychoeducation on substances
  • Gender dysphoria
  • Eating disorder
  • Executive function skills
  • Sleep onset and maintenance difficulties
  • Nocturnal enuresis
  • Constipation
  • Incontinence
Please note that our group programs are not NDIS funded.