Separated Parents Policy

At CAYA DS, we understand the unique challenges faced by separated parents when it comes to coordinating the care and treatment of their child. Our primary focus is on ensuring the safety and well-being of the child, while also respecting the rights of both parents to be involved in their child’s health decisions.

To clarify our policy, please consider the following:


Focus on Child’s Well-being

Our primary focus is on the medical, emotional, and psychological well-being of the children we serve. To provide the best care for your children, please share all relevant information about your family situation during your initial appointment with us.


Legal Documentation

Parents are obligated to provide us with copies of any relevant legal documents or court orders.


Involvement in Appointments

Either parent or legal guardian can schedule an appointment, be present during the appointment, and receive copies of reports unless a court order restricts their involvement in the child’s care.


Appointment Information Sharing

If one parent schedules an appointment, it is not the responsibility of CAYA DS to share information about the appointment, including its nature and date and time, with the other parent. The responsibility for sharing this information lies with the parent who scheduled the appointment.


Referrals for Legal Decision-Making

We do not accept referrals when the assessment’s purpose is solely to generate information for legal decisions related to custody issues in cases of parental separation.


Conflict Resolution:

In cases of significant conflict, we reserve the right to request court orders, obtain consent from both parents, or limit our services until the dispute is resolved. If necessary, we may discharge a family from the clinic if the conflict disrupts clinic operations or hinders the child’s care.


Communication Responsibility

Communication and information sharing regarding appointments, assessments, and outcomes are the responsibility of the parent who made the appointment booking. Clinic correspondence and letters will be sent to the booking parent, who is expected to share this information with the other parent.


Joint Decision-Making

We expect separated parents to work together respectfully and cooperatively in making decisions about their child’s medical treatment, whenever possible. Both parents should be involved in deciding whether to commence medication or initiate intervention therapy.


Medication Consent:

For all medication administered and prescribed to the child, CAYA DS requires written consent from both parents, unless a court order states otherwise.


Sharing Clinic Reports

Clinic reports will be sent to the attending parents, who is responsible for forwarding them to the other parents. While we do not provide separate feedback to each parents, both are welcome to attend appointments, and copies of correspondence can be provided upon request.


Payment Responsibility

Payment for the child’s appointment is expected on the day of the appointment. If there is a legal agreement requiring the other parent to cover treatment costs, it is the attending parents responsibility to settle the account and seek reimbursement.

Our goal is to ensure that the best interests of our patients are always prioritised, while promoting collaboration and respectful communication between separated parents.